Why I Don’t Like to Wear a Lot of Makeup


Wearing makeup looks to be for modern women a must do, although there is nowhere written in stone that this is something that they cannot live without. What I think that it happens is that an entire industry is trying to convince women that they cannot be beautiful unless they cake in their faces with layers and layers of makeup. Combine that with unrealistic beauty standards created by Photoshopped celebrities, and you get why so much money is spent yearly on cosmetics. I personally don’t like wearing too much makeup, and I want to tell you why.


I find makeup fake

I never want to come across as a fake person, so, if I wore a lot of makeup, I suppose that it would be like wearing a mask. Too much makeup usually means drawing attention more to the makeup you are wearing than to yourself, as you really are. I noticed a long time ago that people change their perception of you, if you are wearing too much makeup. So I decided to never lead people to believe I am someone else, since I have no reason to do so.


I would have to sacrifice sleep to put together an entire routine

When I saw a friend of mine putting on makeup, I realized how much work that was. She effectively spent an entire hour making sure that everything was in order, that no eyelash went unpainted and that no hair in her eyebrows went uncombed to perfection. At the same time, I put together breakfast, washed a few dishes from the night before and prepared the clothes I needed for the day. Needless to say, she was late after all that, and she always tended to be. Only that it was then that I realized the reason for her tardiness. And I also decided that I had no desire to wake up one hour earlier only to put on makeup.


I know it can be damaging for the skin

Even the best and the highest quality cosmetics sold on the market are still loaded with chemicals and ingredients that should not spend a lot of time glued to your skin. Besides the fact that the skin on your face cannot breathe properly, it also gets caked in with layers of substances that are damaging it on the long run. I simply do not want to be like those women who put on makeup because they are ashamed with how their faces really look like, only because they have been hidden for so long underneath lipstick, foundation, eye shadows, mascara and the like.