How to Use a Steamer for Your Face – A Few Safety Tips


A facial steamer has many important benefits for cleansing your face and helping you look younger. However, a facial steamer works with hot water, so it cannot be used without taking a few things into consideration. I highly recommend reading all the safety instructions offered by the manufacturer, to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Since I have been using facial steamers for quite a while, I can give you a few safety tips to follow.




Keep the steamer away from children

Simple and easy to use, facial steamers are not complicated devices. However, this does not mean that they should be used just by anyone. It is very important that you keep your facial steamer away from children, and preferably locked inside a cabinet or placed somewhere that it will not be easy to reach. For more info on this, you should take a look at this article.


Be careful with the hot water

A facial steamer works with water that it heats inside. In order to be turned into steam, water needs to be heated at high temperatures so it is essential that you do not play around with the hot water. Make sure that no direct access to the hot water inside is possible, by some manufacturing defect or by accidental damage. Splashes of hot water can burn your skin, so do not risk it.




Avoid touching the water container during use

Not only the water you pour inside the device is getting hotter, but the water container, as well. This means that it is never a good idea to touch the container while in use, or immediately after use. The best course of action is to allow the water container to cool itself before touching.


It is not a good idea to play with electric wires

Another safety precaution you must follow is to never touch exposed wires when the unit is turned on. Electricity is dangerous and you can get seriously hurt. By no means should you cut the cord of the unit, or touch any electric parts that may end up exposed due to structural damage. It is important to get the device before each use. For more electricity safety tips, read this.




Use a flat surface

To avoid any accidents, it is essential that you use your steamer on a flat surface. This way, you will reduce the possibility for the unit to topple over and splash hot water all over you. Use only the type of water indicated by the manufacturer, and maintain the steamer properly by cleaning it regularly.