If you hoard more skincare products than food, you most likely have no space left on your dresser to hold more items for skincare than for anything else. This should not leave you worry-free on which product to use on your face.

It is important for women to first know their skin type because not all skincare products are manufactured with the same types of ingredients and the ability to produce great effects. This makes the selection of skincare products a customized matter for women like you and me. While a certain cleanser may work for you, it might not be a good choice for me. What it boils down to is the type of skin we have or are born with.

Although most skin types should follow the cleanse-tone-moisturize regimen in the morning, oily skin does not. It is only in the evening that oily skin requires a moisturizer and an oil-free one at that.

Normal skin is not particularly dry or oily and with the absence of acne, sensitivity, and aging is the most desirable of all skin types. Normal skin should be cleansed using a sulfate-free cleanser. The toner should not contain any of the following: isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, denatured alcohol, and SD alcohol 40. Those ingredients are typically found in many commercial toners.

Moisturization is to be done using a light product with SPF and in the evening, use an antioxidant serum with vitamin C, and algae extract as well as other brightening ingredients. A few times a week, use a glycolic acid product to eliminate dry skin cells.

Dry skin comes with a damaged barrier against moisture. The invisible cracks in dry skin allow the escape of moisture and the easy entry of irritants. This skin type needs a super-mild, no-lather, and foam-free cleansing lotion. There should be no isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, denatured alcohol, and SD alcohol 40 in a dry skin toner.

An extremely potent antioxidant serum with vitamins A, C, and E for daytime use helps prevent the destruction of collagen and should be followed with a hydrating moisturizer with SPF. An eye cream with peptides is great for nighttime use.

The larger oil glands plus high sebum content in oily skin are genetic properties, making the objective for this skin type as the reduction of the oil activity simply by keeping the skin cells just lightly hydrated. It is how oil breeds bacteria that causes flare ups in oily skin. Washing the face three times a day using a sulfate-free foam or gel cleanser is sensible. Use an alcohol-free toner.

For the toner, you want ingredients such as geranium, sodium PCA, and witch hazel. The moisturizer should be oil-free and light, also with witch hazel plus glycerin. A zinc oxide sunscreen leaves the skin with a matte finish. Any AHA/BHA serum reduces the appearance of large skin pores.

Combination skin is oily in some spots but dry in others. A cleansing gel for oily skin would be nice. When the skin starts getting overly dry, switch to a cleansing lotion. Use a toner for oily skin, then a lightweight moisturizer. A zinc oxide sunscreen that works for oily skin will also be effective for combination skin. So will a retinol serum and AHA/BHA serum for oily skin.

Sensitive skin is not acne-prone skin per se but more a skin type that gets irritated and red easily. This kind of skin needs a gentle, sulfate-free cleansing lotion, an alcohol-free toner, a scent-free moisturizer, and a zinc oxide SPF sunscreen. A gel-based mask with a naturally cooler formulation is suitable for an inflamed, irritated complexion. Use a lactic acid serum.

Aging skin will need the wrinkles to be plumped up, the sagging to be lifted, and the dark spots to be banished. The skin regimen would be similar to what those with dry skin have to follow but with a few minor variations.

Use a cleansing lotion for dry skin and don’t neglect the neck during the cleansing, treating, and sunscreen application. This is the first spot that shows visible signs of aging earlier than the face. You want a toner with AHA and BHA and for dry skin. The antioxidant serum should have licorice, vitamin C, and other brightening ingredients.

Get a moisturizer with SPF for dry skin plus antioxidants. Since skin gets more delicate while aging, you will also need a physical exfoliator with micro-beads, especially for use on the neck area.

You might want to seek the advice of a professional dermatologist to get a hold of a retinol serum. Use an eye cream for dry skin and a hydrating moisturizer with retinol to smooth fine lines and keep the future ones at bay.

My favorite hair care products



It was after my hair started falling out that I decided to take extra care of my hair. There are many hair care products in the market, but finding the best and most suitable one for your hair is not an easy task. In fact, it becomes impossible to know which product suits your hair unless you use them for a month or so.


My hair care kit includes a shampoo, a conditioner, hair oil and mask. I am not very fond of using hair spray or hair gel and try to avoid them as much as possible. Being a fan of natural products, I prefer the “Thicker Hair by Just Natural” shampoo for my hair.


All the products from “Just Natural” are free from alcohol and other chemicals that are not good for your hair fall. Another advantage of the “Thicker Hair by Just Natural” shampoo is that it does not contain apple cider vinegar. The aloe-vera based shampoo has good smell that ensures my hair remains smooth and shiny.


Coconut oil is one product that I use regularly on my hair. I started using coconut oil from an early age and many hair stylists have told me a number of times that my thick hair is because of the quality of coconut oil I use. Most of the time, we make coconut oil for hair at home only. Unrefined coconut oil does not contain any chemicals and it’s all natural. I keep coconut oil for almost 30 minutes in my hair and then wash it using a natural shampoo.

Hair conditioner is a very important product for your hair. Every time I wash my hair with shampoo, I use a hair conditioner that conditions my hair and makes it softer and shinier.   I prefer to use Silk 18 Natural Hair Conditioner for my hair. It contains 18 silk amino acids that do an outstanding job to keep your hair healthy. It is perfect for all kinds of hair and retains the moisture content in the hair. Silk 18 natural hair conditioner does not contain any artificial chemicals or colors. In fact, it contains 100% natural vanilla that provides a natural aroma to your hair.

Even though I am not very fond of hair gels, “John Masters Organics Gel” is the one I use during emergencies, when I have to attend parties. It makes my hair look stylish and shiny in addition to providing good hold.

These are my favorite hair care products. All are natural and healthy and have helped me reduce hair fall in the last couple of years.



How to Use a Steamer for Your Face - A Few Safety Tips


A facial steamer has many important benefits for cleansing your face and helping you look younger. However, a facial steamer works with hot water, so it cannot be used without taking a few things into consideration. I highly recommend reading all the safety instructions offered by the manufacturer, to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Since I have been using facial steamers for quite a while, I can give you a few safety tips to follow.




Keep the steamer away from children

Simple and easy to use, facial steamers are not complicated devices. However, this does not mean that they should be used just by anyone. It is very important that you keep your facial steamer away from children, and preferably locked inside a cabinet or placed somewhere that it will not be easy to reach. For more info on this, you should take a look at this article.


Be careful with the hot water

A facial steamer works with water that it heats inside. In order to be turned into steam, water needs to be heated at high temperatures so it is essential that you do not play around with the hot water. Make sure that no direct access to the hot water inside is possible, by some manufacturing defect or by accidental damage. Splashes of hot water can burn your skin, so do not risk it.




Avoid touching the water container during use

Not only the water you pour inside the device is getting hotter, but the water container, as well. This means that it is never a good idea to touch the container while in use, or immediately after use. The best course of action is to allow the water container to cool itself before touching.


It is not a good idea to play with electric wires

Another safety precaution you must follow is to never touch exposed wires when the unit is turned on. Electricity is dangerous and you can get seriously hurt. By no means should you cut the cord of the unit, or touch any electric parts that may end up exposed due to structural damage. It is important to get the device before each use. For more electricity safety tips, read this.




Use a flat surface

To avoid any accidents, it is essential that you use your steamer on a flat surface. This way, you will reduce the possibility for the unit to topple over and splash hot water all over you. Use only the type of water indicated by the manufacturer, and maintain the steamer properly by cleaning it regularly.




Why I Don't Like to Wear a Lot of Makeup


Wearing makeup looks to be for modern women a must do, although there is nowhere written in stone that this is something that they cannot live without. What I think that it happens is that an entire industry is trying to convince women that they cannot be beautiful unless they cake in their faces with layers and layers of makeup. Combine that with unrealistic beauty standards created by Photoshopped celebrities, and you get why so much money is spent yearly on cosmetics. I personally don’t like wearing too much makeup, and I want to tell you why.


I find makeup fake

I never want to come across as a fake person, so, if I wore a lot of makeup, I suppose that it would be like wearing a mask. Too much makeup usually means drawing attention more to the makeup you are wearing than to yourself, as you really are. I noticed a long time ago that people change their perception of you, if you are wearing too much makeup. So I decided to never lead people to believe I am someone else, since I have no reason to do so.


I would have to sacrifice sleep to put together an entire routine

When I saw a friend of mine putting on makeup, I realized how much work that was. She effectively spent an entire hour making sure that everything was in order, that no eyelash went unpainted and that no hair in her eyebrows went uncombed to perfection. At the same time, I put together breakfast, washed a few dishes from the night before and prepared the clothes I needed for the day. Needless to say, she was late after all that, and she always tended to be. Only that it was then that I realized the reason for her tardiness. And I also decided that I had no desire to wake up one hour earlier only to put on makeup.


I know it can be damaging for the skin

Even the best and the highest quality cosmetics sold on the market are still loaded with chemicals and ingredients that should not spend a lot of time glued to your skin. Besides the fact that the skin on your face cannot breathe properly, it also gets caked in with layers of substances that are damaging it on the long run. I simply do not want to be like those women who put on makeup because they are ashamed with how their faces really look like, only because they have been hidden for so long underneath lipstick, foundation, eye shadows, mascara and the like.